Review Wordle!

I have been de-cluttering my office over the last couple of days, (I will explain the full story about why soon!) and I took down all my reviews off the wall so I could paint the wall, and I decided that instead of having the individual reviews, I would copy and paste all of the reviews I have so far into, and then print out the wordle for my wall!

Here is my first one:

review wordle


I decided to take out the most used words, like read, book, characters, story and my name, and then I created a new wordle:wordle1


It feels good to make wordles again! And also awesome to see all of the lovely positive words that were used over and over in the reviews of my books. I want to thank every single person who wrote a review, I really do appreciate your words of encouragement!


MBS Psychic Fayre at the Newport Holism Centre

Just a quick blog post to say I will be at the Mind Body Spirit Psychic Fayre, held in the Newport Holism Centre on Saturday the 26th July from 10am til 5pm.

I will have copies of the Earth Angel books for sale, as well as Oracle cards, and I will have plenty of I’m Here free eBook cards to give away too. I won’t have the print copies of the Visionary Collection with me unfortunately, as I am still having slight technical design difficulties! But they will be available very soon, thank you to all my faithful readers who are waiting so patiently for them!

I will also be doing a talk on Earth Angels, so if you are curious, or you would like to figure out what kind of Earth Angel you are, please do come along and be amongst other Faeries, Angels, Old Souls and Starpeople!


I look forward to meeting old friends and new at the fayre, if you are in the area, pop in!

New Ending for The Elphite!

I am alive. I am awake. I am loved.

I recently wrote a brand new ending for The Elphite, and have released it as a free download – all you need to do is join my mailing list (click here). If you are already on my mailing list, I will have sent you the direct link to the download in my last newsletter.

The reason I wrote this new ending, was because there was quite a big twist in the tale that many of my readers have missed, and I wanted to reveal it. I know some will find it horrifying, but I hope that others will see that actually, it makes a lot of sense! You may find you need to re-read the book to see all of the clues.

At the end of the new piece, there is a chance to vote on what you think should happen next. Why have I done this? Partly because I honestly don’t know what would happen next ( I never do) and partly because it would be fun to have some reader participation in choosing what the characters would do.

If you have read The Elphite, please sign up and get the new ending, and then let me know what you though of it!

Are You Being Selfish?

Having mentioned this video to a few people in conversation recently, I decided to post it here (so I can direct people to it more easily), and also to open up a discussion about the idea. First of all, if you haven’t watched it before, please do watch it, then continue reading below:

So what did you think?

I must admit, the first time I watched the video, it really clicked with me, because I completely agreed with her, that is we put our time, effort and energy into projects or into helping others, and don’t charge for it , then sometime soon, we will have to take on a normal job just to pay the bills and to survive. There’s also the idea that when you give your time and energy for free, it is not valued as much, and therefore it doesn’t actually help as much as you would like.

But having been on the other side of the fence, so to speak, where I have received help from others and they haven’t charged me, it’s difficult for me to say that you should never do any work for free, because without the invaluable help of several people, I wouldn’t have been able to get my books published and out into the world.

Or would I? Perhaps if they had been charging for their time, I would have found a way to get the money together to pay them. Or perhaps I would have just published the books with a zillion errors in them, or even given up on them seeing the light of day at all.

Or perhaps if I had been charging properly for my time, and not doing so many freebies myself, I would have the money to be able to pay the people who help me.

What do you think? Do you help others and not charge them enough or at all? How do you feel about that? Do people help you and not charge you? Does that make you feel good, or like you owe them?

I do know that I am incredibly grateful for those who have helped me on my journey, and I hope that each of them knows that I intend to pay them back when I am able to.

The Doward Deer Troupe is a Youtube hit!

Michelle Gordon:

Going viral!

Originally posted on Sacred Tree Spirit:

A couple of weeks back, I happened to notice some deer in the garden while making dinner. I went upstairs to see if I could get any decent photos out of the window, as I had taken some great ones before. I was happily snapping away when the deer started to get playful, so I decided to start filming. I knew immediately that I needed to find some music to put on the video and post it on youtube. Until Monday, the video had received 125 hits, mostly through sharing it with friends on facebook. Then suddenly, Monday night, it started going viral. As of this post, the video has had 10,346 views, and the number is increasing constantly!

It seems that the Doward Deer Troupe are destined to be world-famous, I just hope that I manage to catch them on camera again in the future! In case you missed it…

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I’m Here at The Healing Weekend – Part 2!

Michelle Gordon:

More magical moments and memories :)

Originally posted on I'm Here Book Tour:

Just wanted to post some more photos from the Healing Weekend at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre. We really did have a great time! One of the highlights was listening to Touch the Earth playing music around the campfire, then watching the fire dancing!

I bought one of their CDs and have very much enjoyed listening to it since we got back, check them out! Here is one of their songs:

I'm Here with Debbi Walker of the Suara Sound Academy

I’m Here with Debbi Walker of the Suara Sound Academy

Too many 'forking' jokes!

Too many ‘forking’ jokes!

I'm Here with Manjula of Chiray

I’m Here with Manjula of Chiray

Met the beautiful Manjula around the campfire on Saturday night, after Jon had overheard her saying she wanted to learn how to crochet, and so began the Crochet Adventure (coming soon!) Spent some time with her on Sunday, truly a beautiful soul! (And an incarnated Faerie I reckon!) She will be adding free book tour cards…

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I’m Here at the Healing Weekend

Michelle Gordon:

Had such a wonderful time with some beautiful souls!

Originally posted on I'm Here Book Tour:

I have just spent a beautiful, magical weekend with Jon at the Healing Weekend, which was held in the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre. We had a wonderful time, and met some fabulous souls! I also gave out a few cards, and have already had a few book downloads :) I plan on booking a stand there for next year, so I look forward to seeing everyone again!

Some magical moments from the weekend:

I'm Here with Nicki Parkin-Jones

I’m Here with Nicki Parkin-Jones

We met Nicki when we took part in her workshop on Saturday – Shamanic Journey to Your Future Self, which was an amazing experience! She makes beautiful felted cushions and blankets, and is a wonderfully down-to-earth soul.

I'm Here with Andrea of Moksha!

I’m Here with Andrea of Moksha!

Had a wonderful chat and a good giggle with Andrea of Moksha Jewels. She makes beautiful Gemstone Guardians, and is a delightful angelic soul! Please check out her…

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I’m Here in West Wales!

Originally posted on I'm Here Book Tour:

In my last post, I mentioned Annette, who is a very good friend and fan of my books. She had been giving the tour cards out in Rome, when she went there on holiday with my dad. Annette lives in West Wales, and she has been busy giving the cards out in that area too. So here are some more awesome pictures from Annette :) You can pick up a book tour card in Emlyn Antiques Centre too.

I'm Here with Aiden and Lisa at Newcastle Emlyn Antiques

I’m Here with Aiden and Lisa at Emlyn Antiques Centre, Newcastle Emlyn

I'm Here with Daoni Organic Milk at the Newcastle Emlyn Food Festival

I’m Here with Daioni Organic Milk at the Newcastle Emlyn Food Festival

I'm Here with Mary at University of Wales Trinity St David in Swansea

I’m Here with Mary at University of Wales Trinity St David in Swansea

Big thank you again to Annette, and to all my fabulous distributors who are doing an amazing job, I love you all. xx

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The Elphite Audio Book

For quite some time now, I have been asked for the audio book versions of my books, for people who either find it difficult to read ebooks/paperbacks or for people who like to listen to audio books while travelling, and though it seemed like a good idea, I have not got my head around doing it, until now.

It was mostly the technical side that put me off, as you are aware, being an Indie Author means doing pretty much everything for yourself, and the idea of recording, narrating, editing and uploading entire books just seemed a bit beyond me. But recently I managed to work out a way to do it myself, and so I have recorded, edited and uploaded the first chapter of The Elphite to SoundCloud, to see what feedback I get on it. If it’s positive (or at least constructive!) then I will continue recording and upload it and sell it on Amazon.

So here it is, the Prologue and first Chapter, please let me know what you think!


The Healing Weekend


I’m very excited about the fact that a week today, Jon and I will be at the Healing Weekend at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue. I have missed out on going to this for the last three years, due to work/lack of planning/other engagements, so I am really pleased that we will be there this year! A whole three days of being outside, of camping, unplugging (yes, I plan on leaving the phone and computer at home!!) and being surrounded by beautiful souls sounds like heaven to me!

I’m also excited to see Flavia Kate again, the beautiful lady who has made my hair sparkle for the last three years, and I hope to attend her Faerie workshops. I get the feeling that I may need to take my wings :)

It’s also the four-year anniversary of the first date I had with Jon, so I am looking forward to celebrating, relaxing, having great conversations and meeting some fabulous people.

I look forward to seeing you there!